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Ally's hairwing salmon flies for sale

Many anglers ask to purchase authentic Ally's Shrimps and other patterns that have proved to be successful for salmon and trout all over the World. These flies are available tied specially to order on double, single and treble hooks. Best quality materials are used and flies can be specified with or without Crystal Hair.  Demand for flies during the fishing season is high, therefore orders for flies during the close season will ensure speedy delivery. Tube fly versions can also be supplied. Tube flies are very popular in the springtime. Terms and Conditions of Sale

allys stoats tail allys pearl allys executioner allys blue charm
Ally's Stoats Tail
Stoats Tail. I guess that almost all fly tyers have a special version of this fly. This one is mine. It differs from most others by having a fluorescent tail and jungle cock cheeks. Great in smaller sizes for sea trout.
Ally's Pearl
Pearl Stoats Tail. I would hate to be without this fly for sea trout. My usual starting cast is this fly and the one above on a dropper. Body is a particularly nice pearl fluorescent.
Ally's Executioner
Ally's Executioner That touch of red can make the difference, or so one might believe! Whatever the reason this fly is a powerful combination that works well for salmon and sea trout.

Ally's Charm
Ally's Blue Charm. Tied for a trip to Gaspe where blue flies do really well, this one saved several blank days and has remained a firm favourite since. Excellent choice for clear water.

dunkeld copper killer allys thunder allys munro
Ally's Dunkeld
Ally's Dunkeld Named because it was inspired by the trout version of the Dunkeld, this black hairwing with its hot orange collar is a deadly fly in peat stained water for salmon, grilse and sea trout.
Copper Killer
Copper Killer A great favourite in Canada and should be a favourite everywhere. One of the few copper bodied patterns and a very good fly, especially in the autumn.
Ally's Thunder
Ally's Thunder It's my attempt at a hairwing Thunder & Lightning and although its not too close to the original it is a great fly in all conditions. I would hate to be without it!

Ally's Munroe
Ally's Munroe Another collar hackle version of a great fly and I believe that the collar with its extra colour and movement actually improves it. Catches lots of fish anyway!

One of the most important things in fly fishing is to know when to use each fly, hence the descriptions. Flies are available in sizes 12 through to 4 and other sizes to special order. To order please list your choice of fly patterns, sizes and hook styles and e-mail me with the order.

Prices each: singles £3.90, doubles £4.00 and trebles £4.10. Flies with jungle cock cheeks have a surcharge of £1.00 each. Orders must be paid in full before delivery. Please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery and longer for large orders. Minimum order value £50+P&P minimum quantity per pattern is six.

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