Orvis Spey casting and salmon fly fishing school
- with Ally Gowans

Spey casting and salmon fly fishing school
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Spey Casting instruction by Ally Gowans in
conjunction with Orvis.

Orvis endorsed fly fishing guide

Fly fishing and Spey casting courses are available May 10/11, 2010 in conjunction with Orvis at the Kenmore Hotel.

Kenmore Hotel
Spey casting at The Kenmore Hotel

“Spey Casting Made Easy” is a package that aims to teach efficient salmon fly casting and fly fishing and is suitable for beginners or more experienced anglers, in fact its for anyone who wishes to make Spey casting easy! They will learn how to cast easily and efficiently and how to assess conditions to employ the most likely tactics for success with salmon fishing. Orvis endorsed fly fishing guide Ally Gowans has run the Spey Casting Made Easy schools for several years, they are very popular and successful. Here are a couple of quotes from the evaluation forms, "Excellent course in excellent surroundings with good people". "A very interesting and enjoyable course. great instructor". Ally is an APGAI, AAPGAI and FFF Master Instructor and an FFF Certified Two Handed Fly Casting Instructor.

Learning to Speyt cast
Spey casting at The Kenmore Hotel

A full range of Orvis salmon fly rods and lines are available for use during the school if required, waders can also be provided so all you need to do is to wear suitable clothing and bring along a pair of sun specs (for eye protection) and learn the secrets of successful and effortless Spey casting techniques. The syllabus includes Roll and Spey casting principles and practice for Single and Double Spey casts and other methods such as the Snake Roll, Snap Tee, Underhand Casts and the use of Spey casting techniques with single handed rods. Fishing methods demonstrated include floating and sunk line tactics. There are plenty of opportunities for questions and dealing with individual requests relating to fly fishing.

For details about the arrangements, prices etc contact Judy Thornton at Orvis UK or phone 01264 349519.

For queries about the school program and content contact:

Alastair Gowans
Tel/Fax 01796 473718
Email to Ally Gowans
Web sites http://www.flyfish-scotland.com & http://www.letsflyfish.com


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