Fly fishing - dry fly fishing and flies for trout and grayling
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Trout flies - dry flies.

Trout fishing with dry fly is my favourite method. The dry flies selected here are from my fly boxes, a few examples of the many types that exist. Split wings, parachute flies, stimulator, hackled flies, Cul de Canard and more traditional types, olives, royal wulff and greenwell. Each of these flies has its uses. Some may not look very imitative to our eyes but to the fish they are food. Ally's Spinner (for want of a better name) is a simple thread body with a light CdC dubbing and a natural Cdc wing. It caught over 30 rainbows on the South Fork of the Boisie in a couple of hours when they would not look at a sophisticated pattern! Dry fly fishing is first observation, spot the fish, identify the food and then you can start. After observation comes presentation, you should be able to get the fly over the fish accurately and drag free. That is where casting skills are important. Why you need to curve cast, reach cast slack line cast and so on. Nowadays I have great faith in CdC as a fly tying material and use it a lot for bodies, wings and hackles.

Olive cripple olive cripple Tups Indispensable tups indispensible Deer hair caddis deer hair caddis
Coffin fly spinner coffin spinner Blue Quill blue quill Royal Para-Stimi royal para stimi
Upright Greenwell greenwell Harrop Dun harrop dun Coq de Leon caddis CdL caddis
Ally's Grannom allays grannom Klinkhammer klinkhammer Cul de canard caddis CdL caddis
Parachute Greenwell parachute greenwell Ally's Spinner allys spinner Cdc and Elk CdC and elk
Stimulator stimulator Adams adams Cdc ant cdc ant
Swisher's Speckled-X speckled X Hackle rough olive hackled rough olive Ally's Yellow May allys yellow may
Tan Tarantula turks tarantula Royal Wulff royal wulff Large Olive emerger large olive emerger
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