Spey casting double tapered fly lines
- ideal for small and medium sized rivers

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Double taper salmon fly line


A standard DT profile with 8 feet of taper at each end and a level belly between. A top quality line representative of the type commonly used before the specially tapered Spey lines appeared on the market. Double tapered (DT) lines are still very popular on smaller rivers and are not without their devotees on the larger rivers. Is it a case of old habits die hard or has this type still some merit?


For years anglers have used the double tapered line, to the extent that it is the traditional line for most forms of salmon fishing. What is the point of having so called Spey lines if they are not better than the lines they are supposed to replace? On this basis we included a standard high quality double tapered line as representative of the range. Performance at 45 feet was flawless, great control and easy shooting. This is a very slick line with a smooth medium hard coating. With 75 feet of line out, the casts went dead straight and true with good turnover and presentation. Shooting extra distance was more difficult however, especially if the line was retrieved and allowed to hang in a long loop in the river. Holding short loops in the bottom hand made shooting line much easier, but it still did not have the same effect as the thin running line of the weight forward designs.

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