Spey casting fly line Michael Evans Arrowhead floating line
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Michael Evans Arrowhead Spey casting fly line


A white WF line with an extended front taper of 20 feet and a rear taper of 8 feet. Overall head length is 66ft. The running line is 0.043 inches diameter and is coloured fluorescent yellow to enable it to be clearly identified and help the angler to use the correct length when casting.


It's difficult enough to understand how to interpret single rated lines for salmon rods. This and another line tested has a triple rating which is even more confusing. First impression is that this line is much softer in the hand than the others and it felt smooth but not slick in the rod rings. At 45 feet it presented the fly well with nice turnover but compared to the others tested it needed a bit more punch to achieve a shoot of two or three yards. It suited the old rod better than the new one. Same thing happened at 75 feet, the rod had to be pushed a bit harder to make it work. It did not feel suitable for an AFTM 11 rated rod. The head was if anything a bit too light for the rods that we used, however it may be suitable for softer or shorter rods. (This is borne out by the profile that shows that it has the least casting mass). With a bit of extra effort the line performed quite well, it flew straight and rolled over giving decent presentation. The running line is thicker than the other running lines and this, and its softer finish may account for the relatively poor shooting qualities. We also wondered if the finish had more friction against the water because despite its apparent lightness it seemed to have "grip". This is the only line that sported a colour change to clearly identify the running line, a simple and very worthwhile idea. Why the others haven't adopted it goodness only knows because it takes all the guesswork out of finding the head length for casting.

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