Cortland fly fishing spey casting fly line
- double taper

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Cortland DT Spey casting fly line


Interestingly this is the only Spey line tested that is not a modified weight forward (WF) profile. Instead, Cortland have produced a double tapered line claimed to have better turnover with roll and Spey casts. The result is a reversible line with a compound taper design 37 feet long at each end. Chartreuse in colour. Cortland do manufacture a weight forward version of their Spey line but it is not available in Britain.


Cortland claim that their double tapered Spey line combines the attributes of the traditional double taper with an advanced taper design that greatly improves turnover and presentation. A standard taper is around 8 feet long, this line has tapers 37 feet long. It has the usual high quality finish of the SL and was very slick in the rings. Throughout the tests the line produced tight, straight loops and was a joy to control for distance and for direction. At 75 feet it shot like the standard double taper. Efficiency was greatly increased if loops were held in the hand, clear of the water. Due to the heavier belly the double taper design does not travel as quickly through the air as the weight forward lines do. To compensate for that, it had beautiful presentation with relative ease at distances up to 90 feet. You effectively get two lines for the price of one because it can be turned when the taper wears out.

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