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Costello Blue and Glenicmurrin Blue

I hope to be back to Costello and Fermoyle sometime and the good news is so will the Glenicmurrin Blue. Some say it’s not what you know, it’s who you know and I know a fellow called Peter O’Reilly whom it seems knows everyone in Ireland. Peter couldn’t help with Glenicmurrin Blue but fortunately he knew a man who could. Arthur Greenwood saved the day with a recollection of the fly from 1980’s when he fished at Costello. He sent a picture from which I was able to tie the fly shown. It is a lovely looking fly and I really hope that it tempts lots of the increasing numbers of sea trout that are running the Cashla system and elswhere.

Costello Blue

Hook - 10 or 12
Tail – Red ibis or dyed swan
Body – Royal Blue raffia (I used floss silk)
Rib – Oval Silver
Wings – Paired jungle cock
Hackle – Black cock (a later addition)

Costello Blue

Glenicmurrin Blue

Hook - 10 or 12
Tag – Silver oval
Tail – Golden pheasant topping
Body – Royal Blue seal’s fur or similar dubbing
Rib – Flat Silver
Wings – Mallard
Hackle – Black cock
Cheeks – Jungle cock

Glenicmurrin Blue

The author wishes to thank Geoffrey Fitzjohn, Sean Costello, Terry Gallagher, Kevin Crowley, Mark Corps, Peter O’Reilly, E J (Ted) Malone and Arthur Geenwood for help with this article.

All enquiries regarding fishing lets should be addressed to the Manager, Costello & Fermoyle Fisheries Company, Bridge Cottage, Casla, Co. Galway. Tel: +353 (0)91 572196.

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