Double spey cast tuition by Ally Gowans Scotland
- starting with a downstream wind

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The Double Spey cast is for downstream winds. Spey casting includes two types of spey cast, the single for anything other than strong downstream winds and the double for when the single gets dangerous. Any double handed rod will spey cast but a progressive actioned rod is best. Fly fishing is made possible in many "impossible" places thanks to the Spey casts. For further information about Spey casting contact fishing instructor Alastair (Ally) Gowans. He lives in highland Perthshire, Scotland and is perhaps the UK's best known exponent of Spey casting and salmon fly fishing.

spey casting
The line is fished out and straight

Before starting any cast it is important to ensure that the line is straight or tight to the rod. If you are using a sinking line, sinking tip or a heavy fly it is recommended that you first roll the line onto the surface to ensure that you know that the line will lift cleanly at the first attempt.

double spey casting
The line is swept upstream

During the upstream movement the rod may be held at any elevation - as long as it works! It is important that the fly is brought upstream and remains in the water about a rod's length downstream of the angler and stays there to form the anchor for the D loop in due course. The upstream sweep must provide enough line to make the D loop.

spey cast double
Moving the rod downstream and downwind

During the downstream swing it is essential that the line remains under tension, shown by the riffle as it cuts the water surface. To ensure that this happens the rod must go back downstream over its upstream track (do not cut the corner by elevating the rod) and around below the angler before swinging the loop of line beneath the rod tip to form the D loop.

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