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Fly fishing questions.

Questions can be about any aspect of fly fishing, fly casting, casting instruction, fishing in Scotland or abroad, fly fishing courses, fishing flies, etc. The following is just a random selection of questions that have been send by readers and answered by Ally. If you have a question that you wish to ask please do not hesitate to complete the form.

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Distance casts
Fish on the reel
Fly presentation
Fly size
Line onto reel
Line size
New venue
River fly choice
Rod weight
Salmon & leaves
Tippet size
Wet flies & emergers

Advice on old fly fishing tackle
Attaching droppers
Cracking tube flies

Avoiding dry fly drag
Beginners questions
Best time for salmon in Scotland
Book for beginner
Buying a fly fishing outfit
Casting fault – line hits the rod
Casting Pot Bellied Pig salmon flies
Choice of leader material
Choosing a trout fly
Curly casts
Curly fly line
Custom fly lines
Designing a Spey rod shooting head
Difficult salmon
Double haul problems
Double Spey cast
DT or WF line?
Fish weight formula
Floating fly line that sinks
Fly boxes
Fly casting
Fly colours and mobility
Fly eye
Fly fishing in dirty water
Fly line DT or WF
Fly line sink rate
Fly line size
Fly reel capacity
Grannom puzzle Grilse
Hook sizes and fly names
Hooks for tube flies
Imperfect presentation
Leader turn over
Level leader
Leader - float or sink?

Methods of joining fly lines to leaders
Old salmon rod
Pike fly fishing
Playing salmon
Puddle cast
Right or wrong hand wind
River flies
Rod choice
Roll casting techniques
Salmon & steelhead fishing in cold water
Salmon colour blind
Salmon flies for summer
Salmon fly rod
Salmon fly size vs temperature
Salmon fly speed
Salmon in salt water
Salmon leaders
Salmon movement
Salmon multi-tip fly line
Salmon on the dangle
Sea trout at night
Salmon strategy
Salt water lines
Single handed Spey casting
Single Spey cast
Spey cast inswing
Spey casting problem
Spey casting short roll casts
Striking time for rainbows
Stripping fly line coatings
Stuck ferrules
Threading flies easily
Tip ring broken off
Tippet sizes
Trout & grayling flies
Tube fly information

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