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Fly tying lessons and demonstrations

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Fly tying is easy if you learn how to do things correctly from the start. Books and videos can help but a few practical lessons make a huge difference in a short time.

Learn to tie fishing flies for trout, sea trout, salmon, steelhead, grayling, pike and other gamefish. Lessons and demonstrations cover lots of techniques, everything from simple spiders to complicated salmon classics. Dry flies, wet flies, hairwing flies, deerhair flies, tubes, bombers, streamers, leeches, nymphs and many more.

Lessons can be arranged anywhere by agreement. Any type of fly vice may be used, including the revolutionary high speed rotary Nor-vise. Subjects include selecting and obtaining materials, controlling the thread, using floss, dubbing, quill, hackles, dubbings, tinsels, man made materials and and of course the many types of wings used. Wet fly feather wings, split wing drys, parachute wings, hair wings, deer hair wings, mixed wings, built wings etc..

fly tying materials
Fly tying materials

Demonstrations are an ideal way of addressing a larger audience such as a club or a Fly Dressers Guild branch, passing on the tips and practices of other experts from over the world or perhaps seeing how the inventor ties some of his own highly successful patterns, Ally's Shrimp, Cascade, Foam Grannom, CDC May and many more.

Private tuition, one-to-one tuition and group tuition either at Pitlochry or elsewhere. Lessons to suit you, anything from beginner's basic introduction to advanced fly-tying techniques to the highest standards.

Contact Ally by phone +44(0)1796473718 or by e-mail to discuss you requirements or make a booking.

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