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Lee Wulff Triangle Taper Spey casting line


Two versions of lines, each with a WF triangle taper design, one 70 feet long and the other 80 feet long. The taper is continuous throughout the head. Running line diameter is 0.04 inches diameter. These lines are white.


Lee Wulff Triangle Taper TTS 10/11F 70ft

This line has the same diameters as the 80 foot version so the effect of the shorter head is to accentuate the taper slightly. As might be predicted, its performance at 45 feet was better than that of the longer version. The small increase in mass made the old rod perform much better than the other line did at 45 feet. For longer casts, the line worked well with the belly brought just inside the tip of the rod. On the new rod, we could really appreciate the head working. It seemed to match the fast action perfectly. 75 feet and much further was easy, but only on the new rod. The old rod, slower actioned, did not handle this line anything like so well, yet the line weight felt fine on it. This probably demonstrates the importance of trying out the components of your system before you buy. The old rod felt sluggish and just did not produce the same positive power to shoot the line and this may well have been because the line belly was not loading throughout the rod, only the tip. With the line brought further into the rod, the problem was reduced. Overall this is a good line, excellent quality and well designed but we found it less well suited for one of the rods.

Lee Wulff Triangle Taper TTS 10/11F 80ft

At 45 feet this line's performance was faultless. It turned over effortlessly and shot three yards of line in a blink. Strangely, it felt slightly lighter on the old rod, perhaps this has more to do with the relationship between the rod's weight and the line's weight than anything else. 75 feet of line was a dream. The line shot like a rocket, keeping its shape well in the air with nice controlled loops. In fact it shot so well that it tended to pull line off the reel. The line behaved brilliantly and felt like it could go on extending forever. So we tried it out. With both rods it seemed better to bring the belly to the hand. Since the change in diameter between running line and the belly is steep, there was no problem knowing where to stop. This line casts long distances much easier than most. Very impressive, a seriously good product.

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