Scientific Anglers Spey fly line
- the best line never to be popular!

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Scientific Anglers Mastery Spey line


Mist green line with 20 feet of front taper and 7 feet of rear taper included in a head length of 77 feet. Running line is 0.04 inches. This line is sold as 40 yards but for some reason our sample was 47 yards long.


At 45 feet the line felt comfortable on both rods, it turned the fly over well and direction control was good. It loaded the rods enough and did not feel light, a fact emphasised by the ease with which two or three yards of line could be shot effortlessly. Once the line was extended to 75 feet its attributes became even more apparent. It had a slippery feel to it, possibly because it was new and possibly because it had been liberally treated with lubricant before it was boxed. Shooting was certainly easy and the line has a nice balance, producing good loops and very good turnover at all distances. We found that the ideal lifting amount for the old rod was achieved by taking the belly of the line into the hand. The new rod could deal with the head just brought into the ideal position at the top of the rod and was therefore able to utilise the whole head. With the new rod comfort distances (as opposed to maximum distance with a favourable wind), of 105 feet were easily achievable, providing that the running line was properly managed in loops during the cast, to avoid water drag. An impressive line, well balanced, easily handled and clearly made to a high quality standard. Really nothing to complain about.

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