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Perry Poke

The Perry Poke from a distance this cast resembles a messy, badly executed Single Spey cast and that may indeed be how it developed! The idea is to move the fly to a suitable anchor position by swinging the rod almost vertically upstream and once the fly is suitably re-positioned making a relaxed dropping forward move that re-positions the line loosely onto the water in a crumpled pile in front of the caster as shown. After that the cast is completed by a water tensioned roll type cast similar to all the other Skagit casts.  The loose line is intended to let the tip sink and grip the water so that a lot of tension can be applied to the D loop without the anchored fly moving and this allows increased rod loading to aid a longer cast.

The Wombat cast is a combination using two of the previous setups, first make a Snap Z and then adjust the line position with relaxed dropping rod tip forward Perry Poke move. Both of these movements have been previously described. This sequence has the advantage of making direction changes easier to achieve and more predictable than either setup might achieve on its own as the Perry Poke move re-arranges the Snap Z anchor to place the line in a better location. This permits the ideal close alignment of the anchor with the direction of the D loop.

How to complete any of the Skagit Casts.

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