Rio Fly Lines - Windcutter review

Rio Fly Lines - Windcutter review
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Rio Windcutter Spey casting fly line


Same colour as the Accelerator, this line has long, fine taper design and a comparatively short, heavy, rear portion of weight forward head which totals 54 feet in length. Running line diameter is 0.04 inches.


Rio have certainly come up with some novel designs, their Windcutter is like no other line I have come across. The head is short and heavy, particularly towards the rear end of the belly, whilst the tip is comparatively long and light. It is described as a "medium stroke Spey casting line", whatever that means. Windcutter is exceptionally responsive at short distances, it has to be because most of the belly is out, working the rod to the full. It feels like it will shoot a mile! Downside is that it also feels heavy enough to be clumsy but maybe you would get used to that after a while. This is a shooting head by any other name. According to the instructions the head should be taken just to the outside of the tip ring before making the cast which means that the angler has to be able to manage a lot more running line than usual. With the new rod, it was simple to punch out a long line. If you try to shoot too much line the head looses shape badly in the air and does not turn over nicely, if at all. Holding the last few yards of running line in your hand and turning over the tip by slowing it down as it shoots cures this problem but takes a little practice to perfect. Adopting the American version of Spey casting makes casting it easier. In this method the loops are almost stationary, high and shallow compared to the Scottish (correct) Spey cast. Not pretty, but effective with this particular line. If the angler restricts his distance to a length that can be controlled, the rod can be lifted to turn the tip over gently at the end of the cast. Make no mistake, in the right hands or with practice, this line can be made to throw a long way (without improving your casting skill).

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