Spey Casting instruction - Single Spey cast

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A sequence of photos demonstrating how to Single Spey cast

Well known Spey Casting instructor Alastair (Ally) Gowans demonstrates how to Single Spey cast efficientlyr. The Single Spey executed correctly is the most beautiful and elegant cast imaginable, a joy to use. For large direction changes (around 90 degrees) a false cast may have to be used depending on the length of line and the competence of the angler. If the line is sunken a preparatory Roll cast onto the surface is usually required. This is the perfect cast for an upstream wind and with care it may be used when the wind is from other directions. Worst of all is a quartering downstream wind towards the angler which threatens to blow the loop and fly towards him/her. His Spey Casting Made Easy DVD contains detailed instructions on the physics and ergonomics of most Spey casting techniques and is available for online purchase.

Single Spey Cast
Lifting the line to start the cast Single Spey start
Rotating the line around the caster Rotating to bring the line upstream
Pulling the line back to form a D loop Forming a D loop
Forming the D loop Continuing to form a D loop
Cast almost complete Completing the cast
Cast completed Cast complete
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