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Spey casting made easy by Ally Gowans
Spey Casting Made Easy by Ally Gowans

Spey Casting Made Easy is a comprehensive two-day fly fishing school that does indeed make Spey Casting methods easy to understand and accomplish. Delivered by Ally and Andy Gowans, experienced and knowledgeable instructors who continue to develop the school syllibus and material striving for the perfect learning methods to make casting ergonomic and efficient. Methodology is simple, teach the theory and fly casting physics so that students have a through understanding of how casting works and very importantly how their body is the most important part of great casting technique. Then under the watchful eye of the instructors and using the knowledge gained learn to critically assess their own casts, identify any problems, correct them and make Spey casting easy for theirself! Knowing how to make the casts properly is more than half way to becoming a great fly fisher.

Spey casting a long line.
Single Spey Cast demonstrated by Andy Gowans

The Spey casting schools have been running now for over ten years and have taken place in several venues including New York, New Jersey, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Milan, Calgary, Seattle and of course lots of them in highland Perthshire on the River Tay and the River Tummel.

Sometimes it is possible to fish with Ally and Andy immediately after the courses and over the years a number of anglers have caught their first salmon, a great event in anyone's life and very satisfying for the instructors! March 2008 school helped Scott Gourlay to achieve his ambition and we hope that its the first of many fine fish for Scott Spey casting.

First fish for a student
Scott Gourlay with his first fish.

Once you learn to cast efficiently you will appreciate why the course is called Spey Casting Made Easy because ergonomic casting is indeed very efficient and kind to your body. The worst thing that anyone can do is to develop bad habits in fly casting yet they are so easy to acquire and so hard to extinguish. Casting should be kept simple and make best use of the strongest parts of your body, smoothness and timing are much more effective ingredients than strength. The last thing that we want is to have customers develop painful conditions or injuries through fly casting. These injuries are by no means rare for those who persist with bad technique and a number of Spey distance casters in their strive for greater performance have caused themselves serious upper limb disorders. It is our hope that by teaching safe casting methods our customers will enjoy many years of fly fishing.

NEW! Spey Casting Made Easy DVD by Ally Gowans - learn the essentials of efficient Spey casting.

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