Fly fishing Roll casting and Spey casting single handed instruction

single spey cast

Single handed single Spey cast

I know that it's name is a bit of a mouthful, thankfully the cast is easier done than said! Every angler needs to know this cast, it is dynamite, it will open up lots of new water and you will love it.

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This is the D loop that is so important for good Roll or Spey casting. The line has been moved from the downstream position by the anglers body turning to the new direction and it is now time to make the forward cast.

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Make the forward cast high, aim above eye level because it is essential that the line is projected upwards to ensure that it leaves the water cleanly and shoots clear of the surface. Otherwise the line will roll over the surface making a very poor entry.

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The Single Spey cast is completed and the line straightens and falls gently onto the water.

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