Underhand casting instruction - double handed casts by Ally Gowans

Double handed underhand casting

Underhand casting (double handed)

From a distance the underhand cast looks pretty much like other roll casting or switch casting methods to the uninitiated onlooker. However, as they say the devil is in the detail and the subtle movements that may escape a casual glance do indeed make the method a very effective one. More than any other method, the Underhand emphasises the importance of fine-tuning man and equipment to optimise performance, rather like having a bespoke set of golf clubs or a fitted gun. Fortunately, you can do customising at little or no additional cost.

This is a roll casting method that requires minimum backspace. It uses the leader and fly as the anchor and uses the short fly line in a controlled, optimised 'D' loop that will load the rod to perfection and allow long shoots The hand positions are quite different to that used for Spey or overhead casting. These methods depend on rod flex between the hands; the Underhand cast relies on the lever and pivot principle with the hands comparatively close together. Upper hand grip uses the forefinger and thumb to encircle the handle. The lower hand uses a more conventional 'ball and socket' grip to deliver the acceleration that, magnified by the rod, produces the high line speed required for long casts. Note that the upper hand is relatively still, most of the work being done by the underhand. There are many misconceptions about the Underhand some of them have caused disillusionment to anglers trying to perform the cast for the first time without any expert guidance. If you would like to know the secrets of underhand casting, contact me to arrange fly fishing instruction or attend one of my fly fishing courses.

how to underhand cast underhand cast instruction loop tackle underhand cast Rod is lifted slowly to 1 o'clock and checked before sweeping back to 11 o'clock.
The hands are quite close together during the underhand cast.
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After checking the rod at 11 o'clock it is allowed to drift back to 10 o'clock as the D loop forms.
During the forward cast most of the energy is delivered by the underhand, pulling in towards your body.
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