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Underhand casting

Underhand casting (single and double handed)

underhand cast goran andersson
Goran Andersson the inventor of the Underhand cast

The Underhand cast was invented by Goran Andersson, an excellent angler and caster from Sweden. Underhand casting uses the same D loop method that Roll Casts and Spey Casts use but the method of loading the rod is quite different for two reasons. Underhand casting is especially suited for using shooting heads and indeed that was how Goran invented it. If you would like underhand casting instruction or tuition Ally Gowans in Scotland is quite an expert on this cast. The principle is to use a shooting head of the appropriate length for the rod to form the D loop, during which time the comparatively short head is entirely suspended between the rod tip and the surface of the water, the necessary "anchor" being provided by the fly and leader alone. Because the "anchor" is minimised the line lifts very easily during the cast and the whole process when properly executed is very efficient.

In order to achieve a high line speed over a comparatively short forward stroke a fairly fast actioned rod is best. In traditional Spey and Roll casting the energy is delivered to the rod by both hands, during the Underhand cast most of the movement is produced by the lower (or under hand) in the case of the double handed casts, and by forward hauling during the single handed casts.

Disadvantage of the Underhand Cast is the retrieval and management of the shooting line. Its advantages are that it is efficient, and especially so with sinking lines and it allows the angler to travel light because the shooting heads are joined to the running line by loops and a range of lines of different types can easily be put into a pocket. My Underhand casting outfits almost always travel with me because of this versatility.

underhand cast
Underhand casting demonstrated by Ally Gowans

I have been teaching the Underhand casts for several years now and I think that everyone who has tried it has been impressed by its efficiency and their own performance and become keen to learn more about it. Although it is best to use optimised tackle, Underhand casting can be practiced with any rod and line combination and it is a very useful addition to the anglers armory. The Underhand cast combined with a variety of line densities offers anglers an amazing amount of choice and the possibility of casting well in very restricted spaces. I'm not sure that everyone will desire to use the Underhand cast but that is their loss because its well worth learning.

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