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Tube flies have been used in Scottish waters for around 50 years at least and rightfully so because they give the fly fisherman a huge amount of versatility when choosing the fly size, weight and type of hook that is required. Since the hook is not part of the fly, flies outlive rusty hooks many times over and the tube can be used with a single, double or treble hook of any compatible size. Tubes are made from copper, aluminum or plastic tube the metal types are lined with plastic to prevent chaffing the leader. The smallest tubes are quarter inch long, tiny plastic flies that are lighter than conventional flies and have lots of movement in the water. At the other end of the scale tubes can be made several inches in length for pike or salt water fly fishing. The following examples of tubes are typical of those used for Atlantic salmon and sea run trout. Almost any fly pattern can be produced in tube form. Terms and Conditions of Sale

salmon fly siliver stoat tail green butt salmon fly red  butt salmon fly ally's shrmp
Silver Stoats Tail
A great fly best fished in small sizes close to the surface, especially good for sea run trout and salmon.
Green Butt
Super low water fly and the fluorescent geen butt seems to often make that little difference.
Red Butt
Like it's sister pattern the Green Butt it demonstrates the importance of that little flash of colour.
Ally's Shrimp
It's the salmon fly of the millennium and the tube version is every bit as deadly as the normal tie. Metal tubes give the added versatility of depth.
thunder tube pearl stoats tail dunkeld cascade
A tube version of the hairwing Thunder & Lightning fly and a superb pattern that does well for Atlantic salmon anywhere.
Pearl Stoat
Probably my favourite night fishing fly, simple but very effective, especially in small sizes.
When the water carries a tanin or peat stain this is THE fly to use. Small sizes for sea trout or summer grilse.
Fastest growing reputation in the salmon world this fly was invented by me about 1996 and has become the number one pattern on dozens of rivers and in several countries.
tosh stoats tail blue and silver willie gunn
Tosh is another of those very simple patterns that have stood the test of time. Excellent in clear water and bright conditions.
Stoat's Tail
Flies don't come any simpler nor any more reliable that the Stoat's Tail. If you have only one colour of fly make it black!
Blue and silver
Grey squirrel, blue hackle a silver body and a deadly fly for sea run trout. Works well in both fresh and salt water.
Willie Gunn
Perhaps the most widely used tube fly for Atlantic salmon. Dressed in large sizes it is superb for spring and autumn fishing. Copper and aluminum tubes are the most popular.
silver garry munro killer garry tube black and yellow
Silver Garry
A bright fly for use in coloured water when the fish need all the help they can get to see the fly. Sometimes the only fly they will take.
Munro Killer
Colour combination black, yellow, orange and blue. This fly incorporates colour that salmon anglers and salmon like.
Garry Dog
In cold water you need to use a bright fly and the Garry Dog used in the large sizes is ideal. Copper or aluminum is best.
Black and Yellow
Cold, clear water is the domain of the black and yellow tube. This is a great fly for spring salmon and on rivers like the Spey and the Dee you cannot go far wrong with it.
Flies are available in plastic, aluminum or brass/copper through to 2 inches and in other patterns and sizes to your requirements. To order please list your choice of fly patterns, sizes and tube material and e-mail me with the order. Prices each: brass, aluminum or plastic tube flies of any size are the same price, £3.80. Shrimp fly style tube flies are £4.00 each. Flies with jungle cock cheeks have a surcharge of £1.00 each. Hooks not supplied. Orders must be paid in full before delivery. Please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery and longer for large orders. Minimum order value £50 + P&P, minimum quantity per pattern is six.
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