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Atlantic salmon and steelhead fishing - fly types.

The Atlantic salmon and steelhead flies on this page were tied by Mike Day of Bowriver Troutfitters, Calgary, Harry Lemire, Robert Gillespie, Warren Duncan and Ally Gowans. Bann Special Shrimp is a typical Irish pattern, one of my favourites and a very effective fly. The next fly is another Munro varient that I sometimes use. Green Machine is perhaps the best known and most popular bug bug ever invented. A great favourite on the Miramichi. Black Shrimp and Copper Ally's Shrimp are another two of my favourite patterns. Scandinavian is a new pattern typical of the Norwegian style. Greasedliner invented by Harry Lemire is a superb steelhead skater. At the opposite end of the scale the Bunny Leech is a down and dirty steelhead fly. The flies shown are not to scale. Ally Gowans is a fly tying instructor and lecturer.

bann special shrimp munro varient green machine black shrimp
Bann Special Shrimp Munroe varient Green Machine Black Shrimp
copper allys scandavanian greasedliner bunny leach
Copper Ally's Scandinavian Greasedliner Bunny Leech
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