Salmon and steelhead flies Rusty Rat, Dunt, Silver Doctor, Stoats Tail, Silver Wilkinson

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Atlantic salmon and steelhead fishing - fly types.

The Atlantic salmon and steelhead flies on this page were tied by Harry Lemire, Stan Headly, Warren Duncan and Ally Gowans. Cascapedia is a lovely fly with an unusual bucktail and hackle wing. Fast Eddy was named after the River Thurso manager Eddie MacCarthy and is an excellent fly on that dark peaty river. Rusty Rat is probably the best known of the rats and a fine fly. Dunt is an old Dee strip wing fly that is a favourite of Harry Lemire. This is his spring fishing version with a hairwing. The example of Silver Wilkinson is tied on an original Wilson LW single hook - very light wire. Stoats Tail is a a simple and absolutely deadly fly, the tube shown is about half an inch long and would be armed with a size 16 treble. The Chief as it is affectionately known is a good fly in high, dirty water. This example is unusual because Warren reversed the wing colours by mistake! Silver Doctor is one of the few classic patterns to have successfully undergone the hair wing treatment and is still a popular pattern. The flies shown are not to scale. Ally Gowans is a fly tying instructor and lecturer.

cascapedia fast eddy rusty rat dunt
Cascapedia Fast Eddy Waddington Rusty Rat Dunt
silver wilkinson staots tail tube Chief Needahbah silver doctor
Silver Wilkinson Stoats Tail tube Chief Needahbah HW Silver Doctor
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