Fly fishing salmon and steelhead fishing flies Jock Scott, Willie Gunn, GP, Bomber, Royal Wulff

fly fishing atlantic salmon flies

Atlantic salmon and steelhead fishing - fly types.

The Atlantic salmon and steelhead flies on this page were tied by Gordon MacKenzie, Warren Duncan and Ally Gowans. Jock Scott is probably the best known classic Atlantic salmon fly and with 27 different materials in its dressing it is one of the most complicated. Willie Gunn is a great fly and with a silver body it is even better at times. Loop bottle tubes are short, heavy flies that are very useful and have saved me a few blank days. Hairy GP is one of Gordon MacKenzie's superb patterns, not a single feather in its dressing. One of the great steelhead patterns and in different colours becoming a favourite for Atlantic salmon the Popsicle is a lively fly. Bombers are the bread and butter of the salmon dry fly fisherman and they are also used for steelhead. Royal Wulff is a brilliant dry fly for anything. Grey Heron is a traditional Spey fly that uses that long neck feathers from a heron to give a sinuous movement. The flies shown are not to scale. Ally Gowans is a fly tying instructor and lecturer.

jock scot silver willie gunn temple dog hairy prawn fly
Jock Scott Silver Willie Gunn Loop Bottle Tube Hairy GP
popsicle bomber royal wulff grey heron
Popsicle Orange Bomber Royal Wulff Grey Heron
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