NEW Fly Casting Techniques - by Joan Wulff.

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An excellent fly-casting textbook.

Joan Wulff New Fly Casting Techniques

Joan Wulff's NEW Fly Casting Techniques.

Joan Wulff is one of the World's best fishing instructors. Her first book "Fly Fishing Techniques" was published 25 years ago and it remains a wonderful instruction manual for all those who wish to become truly proficient fly fishers and I wondered if her new book could possibly achieve anything more. As I read the book I imagined the author talking to me, I read every word, every syllable and if its sense did not click with me first time I read them again until the penny dropped. This book is a masterpiece of clarity, excellent artwork to illustrate key points enabling the reader to form “mind pictures” of the methods. It has a refreshing light and airy feel to it, short chapters to amplify key points and an interspersion of lovely stories from a lifetime of fly fishing. Text is concise, precise and accurate and my conclusion is that it is an indispensable acquisition for anyone teaching or learning fly fishing. And that really means all of us if my 50 odd years of apprenticeship is anything to go by and the author with her 75 years of fly fishing experience would surely concur.  Her objective is that of all great teachers beautifully summarised  in a chapter called Perfect Casts as follows:

 “As a teacher I want my knowledge to become your knowledge, to be part of your confidence when you fish. I wish I could be with you to see your eyes light up as you bring a fish to your fly by performing a casting technique you once though beyond your reach. Throughout your learning you will have your share of good casts and bad, some that are better than expected, others that make you wonder if you’ll ever get it right. And there will be some casts that are absolutely perfect!

A perfect cast is a thing of beauty. If it is a long cast, it is like a note of music extended and held. In all other sports the moment of impact separates you from the very object you are projecting in beautiful flight, but the execution of a perfect cast can be seen and felt from its inception until the fly touches down on the water.

May your percentage of perfect casts – and the fish you entice to the fly – grow and grow, until your heart is full.”

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this book to all that inspire to improve their fly fishing or teach fly casting.

(Quotation from Joan Wulff’s NEW Fly Casting Techniques, Lyons Press ISBN 978-0-7627-7834-8.) Further details

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