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How to thread flies to the leader easily.

EyeTie fly threader

Easy on the eye - EyeTie.

EyeTie - for attaching flies to leaders

Old age does not come by itself, it comes with the good fortune to have had a decent life span but it brings with it some problems one of which is deterioration of close vision, particularly in poor lighting conditions. In recent years I have spent some very frustrating minutes that probably accumulate into hours struggling to thread the eye of a dry fly at dusk whilst the trout were “going crazy” slashing at caddis and falling spinners but now, at long last I think that I may have found the answer to my problem in the form of a little blue wonder tool called EyeTie that allowed me to thread a #16 fly at first attempt without the need for my glasses. Quite brilliant!

Evening trout fishing

Evening trout fishing

It works quite simply too. The eye of the hook is popped into a slot in the tool which is aligned with a wide funneled hole that tapers towards the hook eye giving me a big target to aim the leader for whilst the hook is ingeniously held in place by a magnet. There are three slots suitable for different hook sizes from #4 to #22 hooks. You may not be able to read the guidance lettering to advise which slot to use but use of a permanent marker pen makes recognition easier. I’m not one to have lots of tools and zingers draping from my vest, until now a pair of scissors/forceps and a hook hone has been my limit however I know that EyeTie is going to make my life a lot easier and it deserves a place in my waistcoat pocket attached by a piece of old fly line. Almost everyone who sees it wants one!

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