Wychwood Presentation fly line.

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Presentation and dry fly fishing for brown trout.

Wychwood fly line

Environmentally friendly fly line packaging

Presentation Floating Fly Line from Wychwood

It comes in a cardboard box with an environmentally friendly cardboard line spool all recyclable which is a very good idea, much nicer than having to dispose of plastics. The line is a pale mossy green colour and quite unobtrusive. Since I wanted to use this 4 wt only for dry fly fishing I attached a nine foot tapered leader using the Dave Whitlock Zap-a-Gap method by pulling the leader into the fly line core using an embroidery needle and gluing it in place. The result is a really neat and tidy connection.  When installing a line for the first time l also mark the end of it with a permanent marker pen to identify its weight. Normally I use a nine foot leader tapered to 3X which allows the use of a tippet of 4X to 6X in diameter two to three feet in length. This line has a nice smooth finish and the head length of its weight forward profile is about 40 feet including front and back tapers, which is absolutely fine for a presentation fly line. It performs its tasks well and is sold at a price somewhat lower than many of its competitors representing very good value for money. I have used it for several months and whilst this is too short a period to forecast its longevity there is no apparent wear or cracking. The compound is of medium stiffness and suitable for all but the coldest of conditions but in such temperatures l would not’t expect to be dry fly fishing anyway. All in all a decent line at a good price.

Wychwood presentation fly line
Wychwood Presentation fly line

The weight marking system that I use for fly lines is a system of broad and narrow bands applied with a permanent marker pen, usually black. Joan Wulff introduced this idea to me and I think that she made have originated it. The line shown has four narrow bands hence AFFTA #4 (Download AFFTA line weight PDF file for single handed rods) a band of twice the width would represent numeral 5 so a wide band in addition to the four narrow bands indicates an AFFTA rating of 9. Spey lines are rated differently. Download AFFTA line weight PDF for Spey lines.

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