Rio Hover fly line review.

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Sub-surface fly line Rio Hover.

Rio Hover fly line

Rio Hover fly line

Glenicmurrin sea trout
Glenicmurrin sea trout caught on a Rio Hover fly line in a gale!

Before the plastic fly line revolution of more than 50 years ago lines of choice were made from oil dressed silk, they were a nightmare to maintain requiring regular drying and dressing but they also presented the flies beautifully and they fished nicely sinking slowly allowing a sub-surface presentation and making the leader much less visible to the trout.

Rio's first hover lines were introduced for salmon fishing where they proved to be versatile, successful and popular and then in 2012 a range of trout lines in AFTM sizes 6 to 8 were produced aimed generally at the still-water angler. My first experience with one of these lines was on a trip to Ireland lough fishing for sea trout and grilse, it was a #7 line which partnered my 10ft rod with a 2X leader and a cast of three flies sizes 10 and 12. On some days the wind blew a gale but the line did its job well casting easily and delivering the flies nicely. During the odd occasions when the waves fell to a ripple and the rarer times when I fished in flat calm the line's soft approach and sub-surface presentation ensured that the leader moved without any tell-tale trace on the surface and the trout and sea trout responded well. Most taking fish disturbed the surface confirming that the flies swam only an inch or two below, exactly where I wanted them to be, exciting. The Hover also lifted easily to allow me to work the bob fly when I needed to, often a deadly tactic that produced exciting splashy takes that are so easily missed at times. The Hover may have been intended still-water use but it is also an excellent line for river trout, sea trout and single handed salmon fishing and for many anglers it may well prove to be the only line that they "must" have. Its dull olive colour and lovely handling reminds me of the days of silk lines I certainly would not want to be without one now.

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