Snowbee XS-Plus Spectre Distance fly line.

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Floating Fly Line - Snowbee XS-Plus

The box containing the line tested was marked WFSD #7F which I assume means Weight Forward Spectre Distance AFFTA weight 7. It also stated that the head length of the line is 47ft and the overall length is 120ft which makes it a very long line for a single hand rod, but I thought maybe if it cast like the makers claim it does, it needs to be extra-long! Most weight forward fly lines have a total head length of around 42ft long so the additional length and mass of the head on the Spectre should allow it to gain more kinetic energy and extend the running line, hence cast further. Another feature of this line is that it has "Nano Coating Technology" whatever that is! I don't know exactly what it is but what it does is to reduce line friction in the rod guides by smoothing the surface of the fly line and its effect is very noticeable. This line is super slick, there is little or no noise from the guides as it shoots cleanly through them so that tells me that the technology works. For many years I have been a great fan of the Snowbee XS floating fly lines for general purpose use and their "Delicate Presentation" fly line is my "go to" dry fly line on rivers, so I wondered if this new line would really impress me or is it just another sales stunt.

Snowbee XS-Plus Spectre Distance fly line

February started cold where I live, close to freezing temperatures wouldn't assist in giving the line a fair test so it had to wait a while. Towards the end of the month the weather changed and it got warm, indeed it broke records for daytime temperatures in the UK and basking in a temperature of low teens I set off for the river armed with a 10ft rod and the Spectre Distance line and a tapered leader of 10ft. I hadn't cast a line for several months so I started with a short line as I warmed my idle casting muscles but soon I was back in the swing and happily with the help of a judicious haul was able to make some nice Spey casts, then I thought I must try to assess how much line I'm using. A rough measure made it close to 90ft and I didn't feel that I was really trying, I felt comfortable. Now it was time to try double hauling for distance with an overhead cast, without thinking the fly repeatedly sailed out to well over 100ft and turned over beautifully. Frankly it was going out easier than any other line that I have ever used, it alighted quietly and practically straight every time, a real pleasure to use. Am I impressed? Yes! Now I can't wait to try it for real when the trout season opens, its sure to be a favourite.

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