Partridge salmon fly hooks - Patriot and Heavy Single.

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Fly hooks for salmon and steelhead.

New salmon fly hooks from Partridge.

Partridge salmon fly hooks
Salmon flies clockwise. Amber Stoat's Tail double, Ally’s Shrimp single and Gold Cascade double.

Fish hooks have been around for a long time so you might wonder what is new when someone brings out a “new hook”. Of course technology has moved on and better steels and vastly superior manufacturing methods have brought great improvements in design and quality. Partridge of Redditch is an old established hook making company once owned by my late friend Alan Bramley who developed a large range of handmade hooks for every conceivable purpose, in their day without question, market leaders. Partridge was then bought by Mustad who in 2009 sold it to Fishing Matters who in keeping with its tradition are continuing to develop and improve fishing hooks.

Partridge have introduced a new range of salmon double hooks called “Patriot” they are strong, flat forged and have beautiful long straight, sharp points. They feature a curved shank a bit like that of the “Salar” range, a lovely shape but in my opinion the body dressing of some patterns is compromised by the bend. However that is perhaps something that we have got used to and the overall appearance of the dressed fly is good. These hooks are available in black nickel, gold and silver finish.

The new single hooks have nice straight shanks, long needle points, fine cut barbs and flat forged bends. These are simply the best quality hooks that I have seen for many years. Sure to become the single hook of choice for steelhead and Atlantic salmon.

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