Patagonia SST Wading Jacket review.

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High performance waterproof SST deep wading jacket.

Patagonia SST jacket in freezing conditions of artic Russia

Patagonia SST jacket in freezing conditions of arctic Russia

Patagonia SST Jacket

The Scottish Highlands are not always the wettest, coldest, windiest, wildest place on Earth they can also be stunningly warm and sunny. Whatever the weather they are outstandingly beautiful but extremely changeable. When fly fishing you must be prepared for the best and the worst of conditions and if you have fished for many years your choice of garment will probably be factored on high performance, functionality and reliability. These are the reasons why I wear a Patagonia SST jacket.

Large chest pockets to carry easily accessible fly boxes, spools monofilament for leaders and tippets and tools such as forceps and a hook hone. Zipped pockets inside these large pockets are ideal for small items that I can’t afford to lose such as a small Leatherman multi-tool and my car keys.  The jacket also has comfortable hand warmer pockets and large back pocket that I often use for carrying spare layers.  Lastly there is a zipped inside pocket which I use for licences and the like. The hood design is excellent, it is easily adjustable and can be comfortably worn with or without a ball cap.

Waterproof cuffs on the Patagonia SST jacket

Patagonia SST cuffs are virtually waterproof

Velcro tabs on the stretch cuffs allow them to be comfortably adjusted around the wrist to form a virtually waterproof seal that keeps arms dry whether casting or even when submerged whilst releasing fish. The jacket is made from highly breathable and durable H2No material, zips are waterproof and corrosion resistant and the design of the arms allows for unrestricted casting movements.

When wearing an SST and conditions are really tough it’s comforting to know that you have the best protection from the elements, not the cheapest! I have worm these jackets for years and am happy to recommend them.

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